Security enhancements being implemented for ADW Reports

Security enhancements being implemented for ADW Reports

Posted Feb. 12, 2018

Review details to understand how this impacts you

As of this coming Saturday morning, Feb. 17, the security around ADW Reports will be brought in line with the rest of ACENET, standardizing security around ACENET overall. Going forward, instead of all users at a account accessing the same ADW Report account (vendor-based), each user will now access ADW Reports individually (user-based).

This enhancement doesn’t impact the way you run reports, but there are some changes to be aware of:

  • Instead of being logged into ADW Reports under one account, you’ll now be logged in as yourself.  This will be reflected in the upper right corner of your ADW Reports screen.  Instead of seeing your vendor name there, you’ll now see your user name.
  • When you run a report, it will be kicked off under your User ID so only you will see the reports that you run. Meaning, you won’t see what reports others have run, and they won’t see yours.  
  • All existing reports (which were previously run and viewable by multiple vendor employees) will be deleted when the enhanced ADW Report security is put in place. So if there are currently reports in the ADW Report queue that haven’t expired, and you want to save them, please do so immediately.  If you don’t have an opportunity to save them prior to the ADW Report Security upgrade, you can always rerun the report under your own User ID. 

Again, enhancing security to mirror the way that the rest of the system works standardizes security across ACENET.  We hope you find these changes beneficial, and that they lend themselves to a better overall user experience.  As always, thank you for your continued support and feedback. If you have any questions please contact the Ace Care Center at 800-777-6797.

Submitted by: Keith Johnson - IT