New product content and imaging policy

New product content and imaging policy

Posted Feb. 7, 2018

Ace Vendors,

With the upcoming launch of a new Ace website, ACENET Direct and continued effort to enrich the assortment at retail and online, there are ample opportunities to grow your business at Ace.  While often underestimated, the completeness, consistency and correctness (our 3 C’s) of your product data is a crucial enabler of your sales opportunity.  Having rich and accurate product content enables increases sales.

In 2018, we are looking to partner with you to improve your product data to position you and our entire enterprise to meet the needs of customers and unlock our sales potential.  We are partnering with you because of this belief:  No one knows more or cares more about your products and their information than you. 

Vendor Managed Product Content and Imaging Policy

Starting in 2018, Ace will be launching a new Vendor Managed Product Content and Imaging Policy.  You will be required to review your entire product catalog with Ace Hardware in accordance to the new policy requirements.  To ensure your success, four key elements will be delivered to you:

  • Training will be required for all vendors and completed by March 15, 2018
  • A new maintenance tool will be available for you to review and update your data
  • A vendor breakout session in Dallas will be made available
  • An improved tool to add new items will position you for ongoing accuracy and success

Stay tuned for the details on these four important elements.

Expectations and Timeline

  • February 2018: Required training of the new policy and tool will be available mid-February and must be completed by March 15th, 2018.  
  • March 2018: Review and update your existing items in accordance to a pre-determined timeframe. The timeframe will be based on the quantity of SKUs in your current catalog, ranging from 30-120 days. 
  • March – June 2018: Audit of your data will be completed to ensure your data accuracy and adherence to the Vendor Managed Product Content and Imaging Policy and errors returned to be corrected.  This will be completed in alignment with your pre-determined completion date.
  • July 2018:  Blocking the sale of your items.  It is our expectation that you will comply and update your product content in adherence to the policy.  Failure to complete your review within your designated window or failure to correct reported errors – will result in the removal of your item(s) from the Ace Hardware catalog. 

Our goal is to provide world class data and imaging to our customers to drive yours and our business to new levels.   This rigor is needed as we continue to position Ace the local helpful place for customers. You have heard it from us before, we must win at Service, Convenience and Quality.  You play a key role in helping us winning the hearts and minds of consumers.

For questions, please email the Data Quality team.  Thank you for your commitment and support.

Submitted by: John Sommers – VP Merchandising and Scott Heyer – Director, Data & Order Management