New Item Onboarding and Selling Attribute Maintenance Launching Feb. 12

New Item Onboarding and Selling Attribute Maintenance Launching Feb. 12

Posted Feb. 7, 2018

We are excited to announce the launch of a redesigned new item onboarding tool and a new tool for selling attribute maintenance available Monday, February 12th. Over the past 3 months, several articles have been posted explaining the critical nature of product data. Our consumers are becoming more and more internet savvy and having correct, complete, and consistent data is a must for maximizing conversion rates.  Introducing tools that give you the ability to view search descriptions, validations at the time of entry, and the ability to update your data quickly is vital in getting these 3 C’s correct.

The new item onboarding tool will give transparency into where your item is in the approval process. Field level validations are displayed at the time of entry so information can be corrected quickly. And media assets including images are uploaded while entering a new item. The tool is easy to navigate with hover over help and screen level help.

Selling attribute maintenance allows for quick review of like items by category. View data errors easily with several visual clues on the page. Review current images and add images showing additional perspectives of the product.

These new applications give you the tools you need to create robust product content for your items thus leading to increased conversion rates by our consumers.  

Starting Thursday February 8th, pre-recorded and live training will be available to you on both of these applications. Please sign up today to get ready for the changes:

New Item Onboarding Changes - Current Users (9-minute pre-recorded video)
New Item Onboarding Changes – Full Training (live training)
Maintenance – Selling Attributes (5-minute pre-recorded video)
Maintenance – Selling Attributes (live training)

With the launch of the new tool, the old application will be decommissioned. Both systems will run in parallel until February 26th. During this time, it is important for you to review your current new item onboarding dashboard and submit any outstanding items before February 26th. Un-submitted items will need to be re-entered in the new application after the 26th and the data will be unavailable.

Now is the time to start your training to get familiar with the application. Verify all items are submitted from the current new item onboarding application. Then start reviewing your items in the selling attribute maintenance program to confirm all product data in your catalog is Correct, Complete, and Consistent.

Submitted by Deanna Arndt, Enterprise Product Content Manager