2018 - Get Ready, Get Set, Sell More Product!

2018 - Get Ready, Get Set, Sell More Product!

Posted Nov. 17, 2017

The results are in: The giants of the E-Commerce industry: Amazon.com, Zappos.com, Dell.com, (You name it), have all proven that attribute-driven, dynamic, faceted navigation is the best navigation method for maximizing conversion rates of users who are searching for your products. Make it easy and intuitive to find the right product, and the shoppers will purchase more often.

Product photography:  Great product photography will lead to increased conversion rates.

Product descriptions: Customers are reading descriptions and they really want all of their questions answered on a product detail page with descriptions that are full, clear, and substantial.

Is your data up to the standards to drive conversion?  Are you missing sales opportunities because of poor completion percentage, missing images, attributes, or even worse - inaccurate data?  Statistics show that rich data and multiple images on products increase sales by 38%.  Ace is committed to partnering with you to achieve the high standards of data quality your customers deserve and expect. 

As a result, starting in January 2018, Ace Hardware will be establishing guidelines, standards and measurements for each vendor to access your compliance to Complete, Correct and Consistent data for all of your products.  To support your effort, Ace Hardware will be launching a new tool and providing Item Description specifications, standards and a specified window in which you must act.

Currently, our merchandising and ecommerce teams are working together to update our existing taxonomy structure, selling attributes, and search descriptions. This review will align Ace products with industry standards, increasing the findability in Google and other search mechanisms, and verifying we have rich content to describe the product.

Coming in late January, Ace will be launching a new maintenance application for our vendors allowing you to review and update selling attributes, images, romance text, and features. We will be requiring vendors to review all items in their catalog to verify the data is correct, consistent, and complete.

During the same time, Ace will be introducing changes to our new item onboarding tool. Reformatting the tool will allow for a more interactive approach, only asking that you fill out the required fields for the item type you are adding. The new tool will offer help on each field reducing confusion and errors downstream aiding in more descriptive information, less follow up time with each vendor, and ultimately richer content for our consumers.

We are excited about these changes but need your help. We are asking that all vendors plan to review their item data starting in late January through February. Based on the number of items in your catalog and the current quality of your data, this review may be quick. For others, it may take some time. Please plan for this now so it doesn’t take you by surprise. More detailed information will be communicated in the upcoming weeks. Please watch http://www.acehardware-vendors.com/ for additional information.

Together, we can make Ace the Helpful Place with the best item data on the planet.

Submitted by: Scott Heyer - Director - Data and Order Management