Reminder: New Item Start Audit program live, ensure data is accurate to avoid fines

Reminder: New Item Start Audit program live, ensure data is accurate to avoid fines

Posted June 24, 2011

Ace Hardware has been striving to obtain accurate product data from our vendors by:

  • Developing better product information for retailer use at POS
  • Improving the integrity of our data files with many new internal software enhancements

How the New Item Start Audit Works

On March 1, 2010 Ace Hardware initiated the “New Item Start Audit
As Ace receives the initial shipment of new items, the data obtained from the vendor is compared against what actually is received. Ace focuses on three primary fields of data:

  1. Barcodes at each quantity level the item is packaged (each/inner/master/pallet)
  2. Measurement data for each level the item is packaged (each/inner/master/pallet)
  3. Weight of each quantity level (each/inner/master/pallet)

A fee can applied if data does not match the item received

A fee of $50 will be assessed if the initial data submitted does not match against the item received. The maximum amount that can be charged is $150 per SKU. Ace applies these fees if they must correct the data that has already been downloaded into the distribution system.

<>For measurements and weights, Ace will allow a 4 percent variance. The barcode data must match the original submitted data exactly.

Assessed fees will be automatically deducted on your statements

Any fees assessed will be an automatically coded “OBNIS #####” on your statements. Such deductions can be viewed in the accounting area where payments of invoices are available.

The industry has looked to share accurate product data for many years. We appreciate your support in providing accurate product data when establishing a new item with Ace Hardware.

Submitted by John Poss, Vendor Compliance Manager