Forms, Policies & Procedures

Becoming an Ace Domestic Supplier

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Vendor Manual

Gain Permission & Complete Required Paperwork

  • Become Familiar with Ace Hardware’s Processes:
    Before deciding to conduct business with Ace Hardware, ensure your company can meet Ace Hardware’s expectations set forth in the Vendor Manual and on Click here to access a copy of the Vendor Manual.
  • Complete a request to sell your products with Ace:
    Please click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to the “Share your Idea” button. You will be directed to the online submission form. Once all required information is completed and submitted to Ace Hardware, Ace’s Merchandising Department will review the request.
  • Gain approval from the Ace Merchant.
    Every new vendor request is reviewed by Ace’s merchandising department, and vendors Ace decides to pursue will be contacted by a member of Ace’s merchandising department. Please note: due to the volume of new vendor requests, Ace will only contact those vendors it wishes to pursue. We appreciate your understanding.
  • Complete and return all the necessary forms:
    The Ace Merchant will provide the necessary forms for your company to complete if they decide to conduct business with your company. Vendors must complete the forms and submit to the Ace Merchant, who will verify all information is correct and accurate.
  • Wait for an Ace Hardware vendor number to be assigned:
    Vendors will receive an email once a vendor number has been assigned. The time it takes Ace to assign a vendor number may vary depending on the verification process, or if Ace requires additional follow up from the vendor.

Paperwork & Verification Completed, Vendor Number Assigned

  • Look for Ace Hardware’s Email Notification:
    Vendors will be notified via email and given an Ace vendor number once all paperwork is received, approved, and set up is complete.
  • Register on Ace Hardware’s Site:  (Vendor Number Required)
    Register on by clicking here. A login ID and password are required for access to E-Tools (link at the top center of the homepage). This site is dedicated to ACE authorized vendors and offers electronic tools to better manage your relationship with Ace. If you have trouble logging on, please click here. If you still have questions regarding this site, please contact the Ace Vendor Care Center by email or call (630) 990-2777 for assistance. 
  • Review Ace Hardware’s Processes: Review and check for updates on policies and procedures in the Vendor Manual. Click here to access a copy of the Vendor Manual.
  • Attend a live online training session on Product Content Management (PCM): New Ace vendors are highly encouraged to sign up for a live training session in order to learn how to use the application to submit new items (RSC or DS) to Ace Hardware. To register for an upcoming PCM training session, please e-mail or call 630-990-2777
  • Upload New Items on Product Content Management System (PCM): (ACENET Direct & RSC Vendors)
    For vendors who will be ACENET Direct and/or RSC Vendors, Ace has a Product Content Management (PCM) site for uploading items into the Ace system which can be accessed by E-Tools > Product Content Management (PCM). Vendors need to upload at least one of their SKUs within 72 business hours after receiving a vendor number as this SKU will be used to begin the EDI testing process.
  • Engage in EDI Testing: 
    You will be contacted by a member of our Production Services team assigned to conduct the EDI testing.  An item in PCM is required for ACENET Direct and/or RSC Vendors in order to have a true diagnostic test run by our Production Services team.  If you have any questions regarding EDI testing, please contact the Production Services team at 630-990-6700. 
  • Adhere to Ace Hardware’s Policies and Procedures: 
    Vendors are required to adhere to the guidelines set forth in the Vendor Manual and website as described above. Please be sure to check back frequently for any updates to policies or procedures.